Eggs in nest
DaSilva Farm

SOLD OUT - Spring Egg HALF Share - Dozen - 2020 membership required - begins week of May 24 for 2 pickups

Regular price $16.00

This is the Spring Egg HALF Share.

The spring share runs for 4 weeks starting the week of May 24. The HALF share provides 2 pickups on even/odd weeks.  Brookwood will assign even/odd week schedule.

Pastured eggs sourced from DaSilva Farm.

 You must have an active 2020 Brookwood membership to participate. Membership can be purchased here. You will receive a dozen fresh eggs each pickup.

DaSilva practices sustainable agriculture through rotational grazing methods. Their animals roam on chemical-free pastures. They are not fed any gmo feed and they do not give them any growth hormones or antibiotics.

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